7 Reasons You Need A Good Espresso Machine

7 Reasons Why You Need A Good Espresso Machine In Your Home

If you are like me, then you are crazy about espresso. I just can’t get enough of this energy enhancing, delicious tasting, life improving drink. But I do draw the line at poor quality espresso. So how do you get great quality espresso? You make it yourself, with a quality espresso machine that suits your needs. Here is why you need a good espresso machine, like the Breville Ikon or the Breville Barista Express:

1. You won’t have to keep dropping $2-3 every time you go to the coffee shop. Let’s face it, nurturing your habit is expensive. If you get two drinks at a coffee shop, five days a week, that = $1,300 per year. You could easily afford a home espresso machine such as one of the many espresso machines for less than $499 for much less than the cost of running in to your local coffee shop every time you want a shot of espresso.

Need A Good Espresso Machines2. You will get a fresher and better tasting drink. While many do, not every coffee shop grinds the espresso just prior to pulling the shot. But if you have your own home espresso machine, than you will control the quality. An espresso machine like the Breville Barista Express actually comes equipped with a built in grinder so you can always enjoy a freshly brewed espresso.

3. There are times when you need your espresso NOW! Who wants to run down to the local chain coffee shop and wait in line for your espresso when you could be having it at home while you are getting ready in the morning?

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4. You can’t get a “crema” without an espresso machine. Those stove top units just do not have enough pressure to produce the crema than results from forcing the hot water through the grounds. It just isn’t espresso if you do not have the crema.

5. There are few kitchen appliances that look as cool as an attractive espresso machine perched on your countertop. Would you rather have a good looking espresso machine such as the Breville Café Roma for less than $250 sitting in your kitchen for guests to see, or a bunch of leftover paper coffee cups from your local coffee shop?

6. Few things say “I love you” like making your spouse a cappuccino before they head off to work. Contrast that with “Here’s $6, go buy an espresso and bring me one back too”.

7. Finally, your kids, or grandkids, will actually think you’re cool. Don’t tell me that they won’t get a thrill out of hearing the whoosh while an espresso is being made or watch in amazement as the milk for a macchiato is frothed.



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