What Coffee To Use For An Espresso Machine?

What Coffee To Use For Espresso Machine?

An espresso is a great drink to start your day and when you choose the right coffee beans for your espresso, you will be on your way to enjoying a cup of espresso. Most of the time people search for coffee shops for a shot of espresso but little did they know that they can make that style of coffee in their own espresso machine at home. They can work it by pushing water that is near its boiling point through the ground coffee and a filter. But make sure to choose the right roast and type of coffee to enjoy more of your espresso at home. Though you can use any type of roast for your espresso machine, you will get the best result if you use dark, espresso, or French toast. These kinds of roast will give you the best taste and consistent espresso. But if you’ve got a lighter roast preference then go with a medium roast. With dark roast, you can experience the bitterness. When you have already decided the roast, next you need to select the type of coffee you want to use. What coffee to use for an espresso machine? There are different types of coffees that work well with an espresso machine. You can choose an Espresso, Espresso Decaf Roast from Mexico. Espresso roast also contains a mixture of coffee from South America.

Ethiopian coffee

You can consider this coffee bean if you want to have crema on top of your espresso. It depends on what Ethiopian coffee you use, you can get something with an aggressive bite or something that is fruity. It is the darker roast that gives you the more biting espresso and the lighter roast gives you the fruity flavor.
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Indonesian coffee

This coffee is like a Sumatra, a perfect choice for an espresso machine. It has lower acidity, but has an intense flavor. It has some earthy undertones that enhances the flavor. This espresso is not bitter making it a perfect choice for those who like a small, strong coffee, but not bitter.

Colombian coffee

If you are looking for a sharp, sweet tasting coffee then Colombian coffee is for you. It tastes lighter than a traditional espresso. This is also a good option for those who like espresso but don’t care for the bitter taste.


This also works with an espresso machine. With this, you can get something like espresso Italiano. It has the best qualities from different regions and mixed to get the best espresso. You can also blend coffee by getting different types of beans. You should not be afraid to experiment with different roasts and types of espresso. There are days that you may prefer having some lighter or darker roast.

Espresso bean

It’s not the beans that you use in making espresso, make your espresso but it is the brewing process that those beans undergo. The roast and origin have nothing to do with it. It’s all about the grind size, pressure, and temperature. When it comes to espresso, you need a very fine grind. Those grinds that are tamped into a puck and are heated with water at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit to a machine that uses at least 9 bars of pressure to push the steam through the grounds. This extraction process takes between 25 to 30 seconds. The high heat, high pressure, and increased surface area allow you to get a very intense coffee concentrate which is espresso. So, what makes a good espresso beam? It could be any bean that suits your style of drink, and if you want it to be flavorful, Arabica beans in a medium to dark roast.

What coffee to use for espresso machine?

Selecting the good beans is about the flavor, but it is important to consider the machine operation. As you may know, there are two types of beans that can cause problems, the dark roasted beans with an oily surface sheen and beans with added flavoring. It is not recommended to use beans with shiny oily surfaces or added flavoring. These kinds of beans could give you a gummy or sticky coffee and in the long run, it can clog the chute of your espresso machine. But if you like dark roast, you may use these beans:

Best Coffee To Use For Espresso Machine

Lavazza Gram Riserva Whole Bean

This shows Central America and Brazilian coffee with a balanced roast. It is mixed with FIne Indian KaapiRoyale and Robusta to blend a rich and persistent crema. It has a vibrant flavor, aroma, and enduring aftertaste.

Espressione Espresso Blend

This is a mixture of a number of single coffees that has been designed for espresso brewing. It is an intense, flavorful, and complex coffee. It has a bright flavor that gives your palate something to ponder. Espressione Espresso Blend differ from other Espressione Espresso Blend as it is constantly being updated and changed.

But how to choose coffee beans that are perfect for espresso? 

If you prefer the subtle flavor, a light roast is the one for you but if you want more bitterness then, a dark roast blend is recommended. These are some of the tips to consider on what coffee to use for an espresso machine:

Beans. It should have a depth of color, but should not be too dark. Its aroma should be pleasing and not acrid. If possible, ask to taste the bean to know what it will taste when brewed. It’s also important to check the roasting date on the bag to avoid those more than 90 days old. You must also be careful from open bins as air can degrade the quality of your bean and might give you an inferior espresso drink.

Best Coffee Beans For Espresso

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans

This coffee smells rich, spicy, and nutty. It has a dark and glossy coating like it is sweating. The beans are 100% Arabica, fair trade, and organic. It is a blend from some of the best coffee in the world.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Whole Bean Cliffhanger Espresso

It has a subtle yet rich flavor. This has a range of different flavors: cliffhanger espresso medium, kick-ass dark for regular coffee, and three sisters medium for regular coffee brewing.

Coffee Bean Direct Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

This coffee bean stays fresh longer by roasting them immediately prior to packaging. These beans are slow-roasted making it more flavorful and densely aromatic.

Cafe de Loja Medium/Dark Roast Single Origin

This is hand-picked and grown in the highlands at about 6000 feet. This coffee is locally-owned, niche, and of high quality. This bean is complex, medium to full-bodied flavor with notes of fruity fullness. It doesn’t have an acidic bitter aftertaste and is smooth from the first sip to the end.

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Verena Street 5-Pound Espresso Beans

This is an Arabica bean and its blend is made up of single-origin beans roasted slowly and has the optimal flavor-releasing levels to ensure a dense and complex profile. This bean is dark, slightly oily, and super aromatic. This blend is smooth with sweet and creamy flavor and rich aftertaste. This coffee bean is great for fine grind and makes an easy to drink latte or cappuccino.

Nicoletti Coffee Espresso Roast Beans

This roast is 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta and is great for super-automatic machines that can find dark roasts. It has a smooth, fresh, and light taste. It has no bitterness and gives a thick and luxurious crema.


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