Which Commercial Espresso Machine Is Best

Which Commercial Espresso Machine Is Best?

Which commercial espresso machine is best? Maybe this is one of the concerns or even a big deal for real espresso lovers.

But how to choose which commercial espresso machine is best?

Commercial espresso machines became available just to keep the requirements of a business café. Thus, espresso machines are designed to produce consistently high-quality coffee throughout the day. But not all espresso machines work for you, so it’s very important to make a wise decision when purchasing one. Make sure to match these essential factors to know which commercial espresso machine is best for you.

Semi-Automatic VS Automatic

Automation greatly suits you when you are pulling shot after shot from morning to evening. Whatever your machine, you’ll end up choosing the automated ones. If you are a business owner, you need to decide between automatic vs semi-automatic espresso machine. Choosing the automatic would be a great choice if you are into business because it can provide greater efficiency and ease of operation. So there’s no need for you to grind the beans, tamp them or even having the consistent extraction levels. On the other hand, you will appreciate semi-automatic too if you don’t foresee serving hundreds of cups every day where you can appreciate tweaking the extraction process manually.

Capacity of the Espresso Machine

The capacity of the espresso machine depends on the scale of your business. If you are serving hundreds of cups every day could be one of the considerations when it comes to buying your espresso machine. The machine’s capacity is based on the number of group-heads and the size to the boiler. Most of the commercial/professional coffee machines have 2, 3, or 4 group heads. These group heads will dictate how many baristas can work on the machine simultaneously and each of its head can produce 2 drinks at the same time.

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7 Best Commercial Espresso Machine Reviews

1. La Pavoni Bar-T 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

This is a powerhouse of an espresso machine with its dual group heads, dual steam wands and direct connection to your water line. This is a seamless, café-quality experience at an affordable price. This machine is semi-automatic where you can have full control over the coffee grounds, shot the timer as well as the steam wand. It also features the gauges and tools such as pressure gauge, hot water dispenser, mug warmer and direct plumbing. Its thermal stability is also a top feature of this machine which is capable of maintaining a steady temperature with consistency, essential to pull balance shots over and over again.

2. Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

This machine is manufactured in the early 1990s. This commercial espresso machine which combines the best of both worlds: classic, time-tested elements as well as time-saving. It is regarded as the industry gold standard as it creates hot water by circulating it through a complex and efficient thermos-siphon system. It has a joystick-style lever, giving an ergonomic touch that ease brewing. It has a dual boilers/heat exchangers feature that allows you to simultaneously brew espresso as well as steam the milk. However, with all these features, this machine is quite small, while its boiler holds 1.5 liters.

3. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia li-High Capacity, Multifunctional, and Ergonomic Espresso Machine

This is the perfect machine if you are a professional barista or someone who sells a lot of coffee every day. This machine is a high capacity 4-group coffee maker with 32-liter boiler capacity designed to not only make a lot of coffee but due to faster than most other machines. This top-rated commercial espresso machine is multifunctional as you can use this to make everything from regular espresso to lattes, cappuccino and many other types of coffee. It is also digital which has special features like USB  connection to computer interface, programmable milk temperature, on/off controls, preset maintenance that includes self-diagnosis and beverage counter. Although this comes pricey but it’s all worth it as it will last for how many years.
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4. DeLonghi Prima Donna Commercial Espresso-Machine

This super-automatic coffee machine takes all in brewing the perfect cup. It has a pre-programmed setting such as one-touch brewing for espresso, coffee latte, and cappuccino and latte macchiato. It has a factory setting that can consistently produce delicious coffee. You can change its settings, its built-in burr grinder grinds your coffee just before brewing while keeping its flavor at its best. This machine is very easy to clean and maintain. It comes pricey but easy to use, appealing and versatile. It also helps boost morale and maintain productivity.

5. La Pavoni Bar-T 3V-B Commercial Volumetric Espresso Machine,

These 3 group heads allow to make up to 800 espresso drinks per day. It features pressure and temperature gauges, dual steam wands, a mug warmer a hot water dispenser, direct plumbing and an incredible boiler with unrivaled temperature stability. It is made from brass and plated with chrome and is built to last. This is built from very durable materials with added benefit of a removable front copper boiler.  Though it comes pricey but it’s all worth it.

6. Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8

This is a super-automatic espresso machine that takes out espresso and steam milk with its high tech automatic processes. It has a PEP shot pulling methods that shoots water through the grounds compared to a prolonged flow. It delivers freshly ground coffee to either or both spouts in seconds. It comes with two ceramic disk grinders feeding two independent drink spouts and a rotary switch to select pre-programmed specialty drinks. When using this machine, you just have to add coffee, milk, fill up the 1010z water container, and choose your coffee beverage of choice on the screen. Then this machine will make your drink in less than a minute, you can have your latte, espresso, Americano and other drinks hot and ready. 

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7. Nuova Simonelli Appia ll

This machine comes with dual group heads and steam wands, reliable construction and next-gen volumetric doing which is perfect for your espresso. This also features all the doo-dads you see in a commercial machine like the gauges, dual boilers, and temperature stability. Given its style of dosing, you can set a target espresso yield and this machine will stop the shot automatically reaching the target. You should get this machine because it can pull multiple shots quickly without worrying about over or under pulling since it stops for you. It can also find the perfect recipe and program for consistent delicious espresso and also its volumetric dosing is incredible.


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