Breville espresso machine leaking water from bottom

Breville Espresso Machine Leaking Water From Bottom

Breville Espresso Machine Leaking Water From Bottom

There is always a possibility that every machine is not created as perfect. There will be times that the manufacturer could produce a not so good quality machine. But this seldom happens as there is a quality control check for each machine before it will be mass produced. 

However, there are some reported disputes that a Breville espresso machine leaking water from bottom. The user tends to put in mind that it could be factory defect or just a sort of misuse. Here are some instances of how this Breville espresso machine leaking water from bottom and how the users or you as a future user can avoid such dilemma. 

When you are trying to fill up the water tank using the inlet at the top, if you get a small amount of water leaking out from the around the group head, well your machine is probably experiencing a leaking. If it is specifically comes out between the outside piece with “insert & lock tight” while the inside ring is on the left side nearest to where you pour the water in. if this situation hits your machine maybe your Breville espresso machine is experiencing leaking water from bottom.

Your unit may have some internal damage that is causing the leak. With this, you could probably take the top off and figure it out. But there’s no need to worry since it has a 12-month warranty and it would be absolutely fix and experience no more issues. 

Other reason is that it could be the connection between the water reservoir and the machine; two plastic fittings that may have stretched from repeated connecting and disconnecting. It could be that the water tank is not properly installed. You can have it remove and replace and see if it improves. 

Since the outlet is fed from all the waste water produced by the machine, and possibly the excess flow could be from anywhere. Maybe it has a pretty small dip tray where can be emptied every 2-3 uses, especially if you use the machine for  steaming milk, as the auto purge a fair water through its thermos-block to have it cool and heads straight to the drip tray. 

There could also be an instance where the boiler drain holes are open and right above where the water is coming out , on the front of the machine is a little rubber flap labeled with “Descale access. From there, you can fins 2 screws, one drains the steam boiler and the other one drains the brew boiler. All you have to do is to remove the rubber cover to access and make it sure that they are both screwed closed clockwise and no need to over tighten it. After doing so, you can turn on your machine as it should all be set and worked back.

On the other hand, it could be that the boiler release valves are open. So you have to fill the reservoir, open the case, turn it on and check if it still leaks. Again, Breville espresso machine leaking water from bottom is one of the many cases that could be addressed by the manufacturer since they usually offer a warranty to their product if a defect if found. 

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