what kind of coffee does Starbucks have

What kind of coffee does Starbucks have?

What kind of coffee does Starbucks have?

Starbucks is one of the most prominent American coffee shop. It mainly distinguished itself from its taste, quality and customer experience compared to other coffee shops. It basically served hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, instant coffee such as espresso, cafe latte, and even teas. Some of its products like ice cream, bottled cold coffee drinks can be bought at grocery stores.

But what kind of coffee does Starbucks have?

Do you know that coffee bean has two major varieties which are Arabica and Robusta? Robusta coffee is  the one cheaper and easier to grow but taste bitter while Arabica coffee, from mocha, java to other more varieties have a subtle and rich flavors. Coffees can be prepared as medium roasted, dark roasted or burned. When it is medium roasted, its abundant flavors will be brought out but when it is darkly roasted it loses much of its subtle flavor but has deep richness like in espresso. On the other hand, if it is burned, its refined flavor is destroyed and it will remain bitter and unpleasant. 

Thus, most fine coffee beans should be medium roasted. All burned beans taste the same, burned and bitter that Starbucks coffee have. You can determine if it is burned as it appears on a black color and Starbucks become omnipresent on the burned bean. 

Here are some of the coffees that could be ordered in Starbucks:

Drip Coffee. This is a hot drink made from coffee beans and is considered as the simplest drink on the Starbucks menu. You can choose from blonde roast, medium roast and dark roast. Its flavor could be influenced on the amount of time being roasted. Like when you burn food and cook it for a longer period of time, the flavor changes due to the extra time. So you have to choose the tall size (small), grande (medium) and the venti (large). Its blonde roast is lighter, and its dark roast has a bolder flavor. You may also add some cream and say, “grande blonde roast with cream”. 

Iced Coffee. You may order this as “grande iced coffee” or “grande iced coffee with cream”. There’s no need for you to specify the roast because it has only one but you can add some flavoring in it like caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, mocha and others. 

Espresso. This is mainly made with water and coffee beans. This drink is very thick, with layer of foam from the pressure of the hot water. This is a very strong drink and usually served as shot. You may order this saying, “shot of espresso”. 

Latte. This drink is made by pouring milk into a shot of espresso. Your espresso goes in first, then your cup will be filled up with milk. It could be flavored and could be ordered as “latte”. The most common latte is pumpkin-spice latte, a drink with espresso latte, a drink with espresso and milk but has pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg flavor. 

Macchiato. This drink has espresso but has less milk than latte. To order this, you may say, “espresso macchiato”, more like a shot (2 oz.) or “grande caramel macchiato”. 

Cappuccino. This is a balance between a macchiato and latte. It has less than milk but more foam than a latte. It taste less than coffee than a macchiato but more than a latte as it has less milk. It could be dry and wet. A wet one has more milk and less foam while a dry one has more foam and less than milk. If you order this, you may say, “grande caramel wet cappuccino. 

Mocha. This an espresso drink with milk but have chocolate. This has some milk, chocolate sauce and some white chocolate-flavored whipped cream. This is perfect for those who are looking for flavored drink and not the intense espresso. If you wish to order this, you may say, “salted caramel mocha” or “café mocha”. 

Americano. Another popular espresso drink made by pouring espresso into a coffee cup and adding hot water. Like other drinks, it has its strength depending on the number of shots. You may order this as “grande Americano”. 

These are the grande-sized available in Starbucks.

  • Grande coffee has 330 mg of caffeine
  • Grande iced coffee has 165 mg of caffeine
  • Shot of espresso has 150 mg of caffeine
  • Grande latte, cappuccino and macchiato have 150 mg of caffeine
  • Grande mocha has 175 mg of caffeine
  • Grande Americano has 225 mg of caffeine

There’s no reason for you to ask of what kind of coffee does Starbucks have? You may refer the above list of coffee to order. 

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