3 Factors to Help You Compare Espresso Machines

3 Factors to Help You Compare Espresso Machines

You want to drink italian espresso from the comfort of your own home without having to wait in line, but how do you choose which machine to buy? While this site deals with espresso machines by Breville, which I found to be well-made and affordable, these factors can help you review almost any espresso machine to see if it fits your needs and expectations.

1.What is your level of experience? Are you a sophisticated barista that enjoys roasting your own espresso beans and experimenting with different espresso blend variations? Then even the best entry-level espresso machine, like the Breville Ikon, may not suit your needs or meet your expectations. Try to ask yourself if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced barista. This will help you as you compare espresso machines.

Factor in choosing the best espresso machine2. How often will you use your espresso machine? Entry level espresso machines, like those that sell for less than $499 are best suited for someone that will brew espresso ocassionaly to several times per week. For anyone thinking of brewing espresso several times per day, I would strongly recommend a commercial-type espresso machine such as the Breville Barista Express. As you compare espresso machines, try to think of how often you will want a shot of espresso, and how often you will serve espresso to guests.

3. Carefully consider user reviews of the espresso machines you are interested in. There is no substitute for direct experience with a particular brand or machine. One of the reasons I am impressed with the Breville Barista Express, is due to its very high reviews and positive feedback. No matter what espresso machine you compare, be prepared to study the espresso machine rating and review consumer feedback. Did you know for instance, that many consumers found the type of espresso machine filter to be an important part of the decision?

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