Best Espresso Machine For Small Business

Best Espresso Machine For Small Business

Small businesses always thrive for success and avoid poor performance. Once something isn’t working well, it can create a huge impact and the business will suffer. But, when the business is strong enough to face rude customers and all other circumstances in between. On the other hand, if you have the best espresso machine you can assure that your small business is on the right track. When it comes to choosing the great espresso machine, you can minimize potential risk harmful customers giving negative feedback. This article will show you the best espresso machine for small business.

But you must first know that there are different types of espresso machines and most of these are chosen due to the user’s preference. For small businesses in town, handcrafted is good either be a manual or an automatic machine. But small businesses in larger cities demand the need for automatic and super-automatic machines. Maybe now you are wondering of their differences.

Types of Espresso Machine


This machine uses a manual pump instead of a manual pressurized force. It has a three-way valve that releases the remaining pressure for the brew.


This machine uses an in-line flowmeter for the group head to automate the brew volume. Its pump shuts off once your programmed amount of water has passed through. But there are some parts of this machine which is manual like the grinding and tamping.


This machine does everything for you except for filling the bean hopper. You have to fill the water reservoir while tamping, grinding and extraction are completely automatic.


This is also known as the lever machine where the barista will be the one to do the grinding, tamping, etc. Traditional shops with choosy customers may want this than automatic styles because they don’t trust the machines to make their delicious drinks.

What You Need To Know

It has been observed that the best espresso machine for small business uses semi-automatic machines with more than one group head. So, if you are opening your first small business and may be wondering what each component benefits well, then the next read would be a help. It will discuss some important points you need to know before getting your machine.

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Group heads

This is known as an espresso faucet, here the espresso leaves the machine and fills the cup. There are machines that come with 2 or even 4 group heads to produce the best drink for a faster-paced environment.


This brews the water for the espresso and brews the steam for the frothing milk. Without this, it would not be an espresso. There are machines with single boilers and tend to be less expensive than the others but single boilers cannot brew and steam at the same time. And you must aware of this is your small business is fast-paced.


This should always be a consideration when you are purchasing one. Check the counter space available in your small business and determine the space needed and asked yourself if it can fit a wider, multi-group head machine or you want a vertical and sleek piece with one to two group heads?


All types of espresso machines are operated on a certain volt range and you must know what your small shop is capable of operating. This must also be considered if you don’t want to disappoint your customers. Most espresso machines running on a 208V to 240V range.

8 Best Espresso Machine For Small Business

(1)Nuova Simonelli Musica

This product has the following features: pour-over model, energy-saving heat exchanger boiler, endless steam power, and simultaneous espresso brewing. Again, a single boiler machine cannot brew and steam at the same time. But, this Nuova Simonelli Musica machine is a huge advantage over other machines in the market today. Its pour-over model feature is very popular compared to the French press and has to do with the shape of the grinding and extraction feature. This feature allows more product into the cup. Also, there’s no need for you to worry about stopping the machine, as it has endless steam power options so you can continuously create without having your customers wait.  

(2)La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B

This is one of the most popular brands in the world of espresso machines. Even though this a small machine with dimensions of 27.5 inches by 20 inches by 20.5 but it has amazing features like water softener, internal electro-pump, two flexible stream jets, and hot water tap. Unlike other machines, this one allows you to have your espresso created quickly. With this feature alone, it is worth purchasing especially its water softener. This water softener removes the harsh impurities of water such as sediment and other minerals that make the water and espresso taste bad. To do this, you can have fresh and pure water in the making of your espresso while amplifying its taste. 

(3)Bezzera Mitica

This is one of the best machines on the market, especially for small businesses. It has an industrial styled look that greatly suits almost any themed coffee shop making this machine a huge selling point including these features of the E61 group head, exchanging boiler, joystick styled knobs, and built-in cup warmer. E61 as one of the known heads has its gold standard and with this, the espresso machine process with heating through a thermosiphon. Its exchanging boiler uses copper and has a capacity of 2-liters. But the capacity is perfect only for small businesses that don’t need many group heads. It means you can steam milk while extracting espresso. As for its joystick knobs, they are a convenient option and prevent carpal tunnel, thus providing comfortable workflow. Lastly, its built-in cup warmer is another convenient option that rarely is found on other models.

(4)Rancilio Silvia M V5

This is a simple machine with a size perfect for small businesses that are just getting started. Some of its features are no water connectivity required, semi-automatic machine, built-in water softener, and water tank inside. Its water tank and lack of connectivity required to make this machine both an advantage and disadvantage. You have to fill up the water tank manually since you can’t connect it to your waterline. But its water softener and automatic features make it an advantage. Its water softener removes impurities from hard water causing our espresso to taste better. It’s already built-in making the initial setup easier. So, you can plug in, fill-up, and go!

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(5)Elektra ART.SX Microcasa Copper & Brass

This is a small machine ideal for small businesses. This semi-automatic machine has many features such as the three red switches for total control: power, brew, refill, signature brass eagle on the dome, standard 10 in. base and the water level sight and pressure gauge. This machine is perfect for you if you want a simple yet elegant one. The signature brass eagle on the dome makes it a retro and classy. It has three red switches allowing you to control the power, the brew, and the boiler refill with just a touch of a button. The water level sight and a pressure gauge are for easier monitoring purposes. The highlight of this machine is its minimalism in the operation.

(6)Elektra ART.SX Microcasa Chrome

This is a semi-automatic machine with a very distinct look, the chrome finish allows this machine to blend in more with common decor. Some of its features are pump operation, twist-knob control, minimal assembly, and its three buttons for ease of use. This is perfect if you want to get a machine up and running quickly in your small business. With the minimal assembly required and three buttons for proper usage, you won’t need to do much in order to give your customers the drink they desire. Its pump operation allows you to deliver to the group head while simultaneously refilling the boiler. 

Before making purchases either for personal or business, the cost would be one of the first considerations. What you can afford matters most. It’ just like the same in making a decision when purchasing an espresso machine. The good thing is that there are machines that could fit your budget.  You might even be surprised that there are many budget-friendly espresso machines with the feature you need. But if you’ve got the greater budget you’ve got many options too.

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(7)La Spaziale S1 Dream

This machine has a stainless steel front and back panels making it a sturdy and gleaming machine. In this machine, you have control over both the boiler and group temperature allowing you to fine-tune the adjustment and monitor the quality of your espresso. This is also an automatic machine that won’t hurt your budget.

(8)Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This machine is considered as one of the best espresso machines for a small business where millions of cafe owners have chosen this one. This is perfect if you want to serve freshly grounded coffee beans to your customers. It has also a built-in coffee bean grinder with different types of grinding features. It is capable of brewing your coffee exactly the way you want it. It comes with a steam nozzle to help you make the finest lattes and cappuccinos. 


So this is the list of the best espresso machine for small business. These machines have all the features you would expect in a premium quality machine. If you’re looking for the best espresso machine for your small business, you need to consider a lot of things and on top of it is your budget and the price of the machine. What are you waiting for, choose the coffee machine of your choice from the above list of best espresso machine for small business.


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