Breville espresso machine not pumping water

Breville Espresso Machine Not Pumping Water

Breville Espresso Machine Not Pumping Water

Have you ever experienced that your Breville espresso machine not pumping water? Why is there no water coming out of your machine?

There comes a time that you will encounter such problem when you own such machine and all you have to do is either do your own research on how to solve it or call the manufacturer of the machine to avail its warranty.

Breville espresso machine not pumping water?

One of the reported cases that Breville espresso machine not pumping water is that the machine is vapor-locked. This happens if there is an attempt to prime the machine was made after it has been heated. It’s possible that the super-heated air in the boiler is creating pressure on the pump, so it’s being locked. It could take you up to six minutes to get out from this trouble. First thing to do is to let your machine be completely cool. Fill its water tank reservoir with cool, fresh and filtered water. Set to it that the brew head screen is clean, waffle side up, smooth side down and its water hose is not crimped. After that, put cups under the brew and the steam wand. Put up cups under the brew head and the steam wand. Turn on its power switch and quickly open the steam wand knob. Let it sit for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, turn on its brew button and let it run for another 2 minutes. So all in all, after 4 minutes, turn the brew button off and keep the steam wand open for another 2 minutes. Then, turn off the machine. 

When all those steps are done, maybe after 2-4 minutes, the water will begin flowing through the, machine. After a cup of water has flown through the brew head and steam wand, the vapor lock will be fixed. If it still doesn’t work still and no water yet flowing after 6 minutes, have your machine be turned off and wait until the brew head is cool to touch. Then, repeat the whole process and check if your Breville espresso machine not pumping water still.

If you ever noticed that after a short times, your pump goes quietly. In this case, there may be a blockage in the thermos-block. There is a 3 way solenoid that controls water flow through the block when steaming or extracting, as it is jammed open causing all the water to dump to the drip tray instead of where it’s supposed to go. When it is jammed open, you can observe that your brewing pressure will vent through the steam wand. So, you may also check for drain water if there is any leak through the steam wand and see of the pump quietens down. 

You can also adjust it by removing the black clip and screwing it further in as there is a simple spring and ball. When you happened to screw it in the pressure needed will increase because it leaks out to the drain.  At the back of it are the two solenoid valves. The right one is for the boiler while the left one is for the steam.

On the other hand, if you opt to open the Breville machine, you will need to remove the 5 screws behind the eater tank and two screws at the front next to the magnetic holder and water outlet. Also, you have to remove the plastic cover below the water tank and the three screws as well as the bean hopper except for the grinder plate.

According to a review from a user, sometimes one or more of the corner screws holding the top casting of the boiler assembly may have been loose. Water had been leaking out form left and right sides of the assembly until tightened screwed. If the screws were loosen, it’s the gasket that must be leaking. Take note as well that the boiler seals are not Viton, as it is red high temperature silicone. Viton is a fluoropolymer and intended for volatile fuels so it doesn’t fit for food applications. If the valve is the one being broken, the leak was from the magnetic valve. 

You may try some abovementioned ways if your Breville espresso machine not pumping water and see if those remedies work.

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