How To Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine

How To Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine?

If you want your machine to keep producing excellent taste coffee, well, it’s essential to descale it regularly. And if not doing so, it may cause a breakdown on your machine and end up in a disaster. For sure you don’t want it to happen.

How to descale DeLonghi espresso machine?

Here’s how to descale your DeLonghi ECAM 22.110 machine.

  1. If your machine has a light and if it flashes then it’s the cue.
  2. Turn in your machine and wait until it says it’s ready to use.
  3. Make sure there is no water in the tank and get rid of the filter if you’re using one.
  4. Pour your preferred descaling solution into the tank, then a liter of water.
  5. Make sure there is a container under the cappuccino maker or else you’ll end up messy.
  6. Press and hold the descaling button for about five seconds and the light of this button should remain on.
  7. Then, turn the steam dial to the “1” position. The machine will go through its cleaning and rinsing programs to get rid of any scale. You may see that your machine isn’t doing anything but it’s is.
  8. This process takes around 30 minutes and once done, make sure the steam dial is switched to “0”.
  9. Then, empty the container and remove the water tank. Rinse the tank and fill it with fresh water before putting it back to the machine.
  10. Now, put the steam dial to “1” again and your machine should now rinse with hot water. Put the steam back to “0” and the rinse light should turn off.
  11. And you’re good to go!
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These may sound like a complicated process but once you’re used to doing it, it becomes easy.

On the other hand, if you got a DeLonghi Magnifica, then descaling it is also very easy. You can simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Remove the water tank and take the water filter out. Then, add a 100ml descaler solution and 1-liter clean water.
  2. Press the descaling button for 3 seconds, then place a large bowl under the steam nozzle and turn the switch.
  3. Turn back the switch as soon as the light indicates that your machine is ready.
  4. Lastly, empty your machine’s tank and flush. And you’re done.

DeLonghi is a small appliance based in Treviso, Italy. Its ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso machine features a built-in coffee grinder, height-adjusting coffee spigot, a heated cup tray, and instant reheat coffee function that keeps it at a particular temperature between brewing cycles. With all these features, the machine can hold heated water for a long period of time, limescale deposits start to appear after long use. It has a decalcification warning light that indicates time to descale your espresso machine. Here are the steps on how to descale DeLonghi espresso machine.

  1. Slide-out and remove the water tank from the machine and empty its contents.
  2. Add a bottle of Durgol descaling solution and one liter of water to the tank and place it back in the machine.
  3. Place a container of at least 34 ounces under the cappuccino frother.
  4. Press the “power button’ to turn on the machine and wait for the indicator lights to stop flashing.
  5. Press and hold the descaling button until the decalcification warning light turns on.
  6. Turn the steam knob counterclockwise one-half turn. When the indicator light comes on, it means the descaling process is complete.
  7. Remove, rinse and refill the water tank with clean water. Place the full water tank in the machine.
  8. Empty the collection tank and place it back under the milk frother.
  9. Turn the steam knob one-half turn counterclockwise.
  10. Turn the steam knob all the way to the right and refill the water tank with clean water.
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Below are taken from the manual provided by the manufacturer of the machine DeLonghi Dedica EC680 Espresso Here are the steps on how to descale it.

When the orange light comes on, then it’s time to descale it. As you may know, the descaler contains acids that may irritate your skin and eyes. Thus, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s manual and safety warnings. You should use DeLonghi descaler only. Using unsuitable descaler incorrectly may result in damage not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Here are the steps from the manufacturer on how to descale DeLonghi espresso machine (Dedica EC680).

  1. Empty the water tank and remove the softener filter if there is.
  2. Fill the tank with the descaler solution by diluting the descaler with water following the instructions on the pack.
  3. Press the ON/OFF button.
  4. Make sure its filter holder is not attached and position the recipient under a cappuccino maker.
  5. Wait for the lights to come steadily, signaling that the machine is ready for use.
  6. Press and hold the button for 10 seconds until the three buttons flash in sequence.
  7. Turn the steam dial to the position and press the button to start the descaling process.
  8. When the descaling process starts, the descaler solution comes out of the water spout. The descaling process removes limescale deposits from inside of your machine by automatically doing a series of rinses and pauses until its tank is completely empty. Keep in mind as well that during the descaling process make sure to clean the boiler outlet, then close the steam dial from time to time to deliver small quantities of descaler from the boiler outlet.
  9.  When your machine stops operation, the orange light continues to flash, indicating that descaling is still ongoing.
  10. Now, your coffee machine is ready for rinsing through with clean water. Extract the water tank, empty, rinse under running water, fill with fresh water up to the maximum level, reinsert the softener filter, and put it back in your machine.
  11. Then, empty the container used to collect the descaler solution and replace it empty under the hot water spout and make sure the steam dial is in the position, press the button to start rinsing. Remember that during rinsing, to clean the boiler outlet, you have to close the steam dial from time to time to deliver small quantities of water.
  12. Extract the water tank and fill with fresh water up to the MAX level. Make sure the steam dial is in the closed position (Osymbol). And after this, your machine is ready for use.
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Here’s a quick guide video also from De’Longhi North America.


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