How to grind coffee beans in Nutribullet

How To Grind Coffee Beans In Nutribullet?

How To Grind Coffee Beans In Nutribullet?

There’s nothing to compare the rich aroma and taste of a coffee that comes from fresh ground coffee beans. Everyone who loves coffee preferred the taste of a coffee from freeze-dried package granules. Thus, supermarket adapt this trend, they give customers the option to grind their coffee beans while still in the store or to bring the whole beans with them for home grinding. However, most coffee blenders available in the market today has poor performance in grinding beans. And this is why, Nutribullet coffee grinder is created.

But how to grind coffee beans in Nutribullet? As a background, this machine is equipped with features that act like a coffee grinder. It comes with a milling blade as well. It has two blades, one has four prongs and is called as extractor blade where it is meant to break tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin. This kind of blade works well for fruit and vegetable juices. The other blade is a 2 pronged blade, milling blade. It is ideal for milling grains, chopping herbs and nuts. You can enjoy and find interesting with this device when you have it on hand and for sure be addicted on making coffee just in your comfortable place at home.

In addition, Nutribullet is very affordable, it comes with extra power and is very convenient for coffee grinding. It can run up to 600-watt motor speed and with a power from a high-torque. It won’t produce any sound when grinding. It has a portable design and weighs 7.4 pounds than other available food extractors so you can have your own coffee anywhere. It also has other features like patented designs for the blade to ensure cyclonic action as well as two lip ring with a carrying handle, one flat blade, one tall cup, two short cups, two re-sealable lids and one emulsifying blade. It also comes with a manual with easy steps to follow during operation and has an insulated carryall system to carry with all its parts. So, what are you waiting for, it’s now your turn to experience the device and make your own coffee.

Here’s how to grind coffee beans in Nutribullet:

  1. First is to check the manual. It comes and follows all the recommendations stated on fixing the flat blade on the unplugged Nutribullet.
  2. Fill the coffee beans in the container and close it tightly. After that, plug the Nutribullet machine.
  3. Allow the blender to remain on the power source for about 10 seconds and unplug.
  4. Shake the container as it is still closed for about 5 seconds.  As you shake it, the larger particles will go down to the bottom nearer to the blade base while the finer particles will rise up above producing a better grind.
  5. After this, you can now unplug the Nutribullet. Take an airtight storage container and pour in the finely ground coffee.

On the other hand, cleaning this device is very simple and easy as well. You can wash all of its parts as all the pieces are dishwasher safe. You can freely wash them with your hands using soapy warm water. What’s good about this device is that, you can even take this anywhere for vacation or office purposes. It is very versatile and convenient as you can also use this to grind and liquefy other ingredients aside from coffee beans quickly. You can enjoy this device if you want to get everything freshly produce. Like for turning cooked vegetables into soup.

Again, assembling and operating Nutribullet is very simple. Fill the ingredients, attach the blade and twist and start blending. There’s no need for you to figure out what setting to use as there’s only one. You can replace the blender blade with travel lid and you can have it clean without being stressed. Hope the tips and steps mentioned above help you figured out how to grind coffee bends in Nutribullet.


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