Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

When it comes to cold brew, do hot coffee beans work fine? Well, sometimes yes, sometimes no! 

If you want to enjoy rich taste and aroma of your cold brew, you need to be quite specific about your coffee beans. Several coffee beans work well for both. However, if you are a true coffee lover, you will be able to notice the difference. 

With summers coming in, cold brew is just everywhere. So, why not in your kitchen? For that, you need to get the best coffee beans for a cold brew first. Read on!

5 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

Here we have reviewed 5 best coffee beans for a cold brew for you. 

Tiny Footprint Coffee - Organic Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir | Whole Bean Coffee | USDA Organic | Carbon Negative | 16 Ounce
  • The world's first carbon negative coffee: For every pound that’s sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to fund reforestation in Ecuador’s Mindo cloud forest. Over time, these trees will remove 54 lbs. of CO2 from the atmosphere as well as provide habitat for native plant and animal species
  • WHOLE BEAN COFFEE: 100% Organic Shade-Grown Arabica Coffee
  • A blend crafted perfectly for cold brew -- our Cold Press Elixir is a mix of our light and dark roasts spiked with our best Ethiopian coffees.
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet, silky richness with subtle bright fruit and floral tones infused in a cocoa like body.
  • Craft Roasted in our vintage 90 kilo German-built Probat drum roaster retrofitted with modern fuel-efficient ribbon burners, delivering perfectly roasted coffee every time

(1)Tiny Footprint Coffee Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir 

Tiny Footprint Coffee Cold Brew Cold Press Elixir is the richest coffee for cold brew in the list. It gives off a sweet and silky aroma along with flavors of nuts, cocoa, fruits, and fresh flowers. This coffee is perfect for those who love premium blend. 

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The great taste of this coffee comes due to its advanced manufacturing technique. As additional carbon dioxide is infused in the beans, it ensures beans are not affected by any climatic change. This makes it the best coffee beans for travelers and adventurers. 


  • It is 100% organic arabica
  • Comes infused with carbon technology
  • Sweet and silky taste and aroma
  • It is a mix of light and dark roast 

What did we like? 

  • Best for people who do not like bitter coffee
  • Lowest acidity 
Metropolis Coffee Company - Cold Brew Blend, Dark Roast (Whole Bean, 12oz Bag)
  • Sweet and chocolatey
  • Smooth, roasty finish
  • Designed for cold brew methods only
  • Roasted to order
  • 2007 Roaster of the year

(2)Metropolis Coffee Company Cold Brew Blend 

Metropolis Coffee Company Cold Brew Blend comes from a Chicago based coffee company. It is known to be one of the finest coffees out there. This cold brew blend comes in the form of dark roasted coffee beans. It is manufactured, keeping in view the cold brew blend in mind. 

When it comes to the flavor, you are going to get dark melted chocolate, walnuts and hints of toast in your cup of coffee. This blend has all the specialties of the best cold brew. 


  • Each bag comes with the utmost freshness
  • Available in beans as well as pre-ground 
  • The blend gives off dark chocolate, walnuts flavor. 

What did we like? 

  • Can pick up beans or ground coffee 
  • Deliver value for money 
Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve, Coarse Ground, 1 LB Bag, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin
  • CRAFTED FOR COLD BREWING - The perfect blend for making your own cold brew coffee
  • ROAST LEVEL - Dark Roasted for a bold, yet perfectly smooth cup of cold brew
  • COARSE GROUND - 100% Colombian Supremo beans are freshly roasted & coarsely ground for optimal cold brew extraction
  • 1 LB BAG - Our 3-Layer natural kraft resealable foil bag ensures top quality freshness for your beans
  • NO SLEEP ‘TIL BROOKLYN - Stone Street Coffee Company is a specialty small-batch roaster located in Brooklyn, NYC and we’ve been roasting delicious coffee since 2009

(3)Stone Street Coffee Company Cold Brew

Stone Street Coffee Company Cold Brew comes from the heart of New York. Even though it is around for a decade, it has already made to the shelves of most NY kitchens. 

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The best thing about these coffee beans is their 3 layers packaging. Each layer comes embedded with a special foil. There is no chance that the air, light, or heat fills in. 

Also, the beans are roasted to be perfectly balanced in flavor.  At an affordable price, you get premium, high-quality beans. These 100% Colombia Arabica beans ensure the richest flavor and strong aroma. 


  • It offers dark roasted pre-grounded beans 
  • 100% Colombian Arabica beans 
  • Best for cold brewing in refrigerator 
  • Balanced taste and aroma with low acidity 

What did we like? 

  • Ideal packaging
  • 100% arabica beans 
  • Affordable 
  • Pre-grounded for people who do not prefer beans 
Cold Brew Lab Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 1 LB Bag, Dark Roast Colombian Supremo
  • CUSTOM CRAFTED FOR COLD BREWING: Look no further for the perfect cold brewed cup of coffee. We source, roast, & blend our beans for optimal cold (slow) brew extraction – creating a well-rounded, smooth, low acidic, full bodied flavor.
  • ORGANIC 100% ARABICA COLOMBIAN COFFEE: We only use pesticide free USDA certified organic coffee because we care about the quality of our product. Specialty-grade, 100% Arabica, Colombian Supremo.
  • PROPRIETARY ROAST BLEND: We use a blend of medium & dark roasted coffee beans to create a unique roast level that is perfect for cold brewed coffee flavor. This creates a cup that is extremely smooth, yet bold & flavorful.
  • WHOLE BEAN & EXTRA COARSE GRIND OPTIONS: We offer both products to give you the option of grinding yourself at home OR starting with our pre-ground coffee.
  • COLD BREW LAB: is an artisan coffee roaster located in the city that never sleeps – New York City, NY USA.

(4)Cold Brew Lab Organic Whole Bean Coffee 

Cold Brew Lab Organic Whole Bean Coffee comes from Lab Ground, another New Yorker coffee manufacturer. It is developed on a unique recipe that suits best to coffee lovers. This is a premium whole bean coffee at an affordable cost. This coffee gives off a rich and mild aroma and ensures low acidity. 

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As it is 100% organic arabica, it comes specially designed for cold brews. The natural and organic beans greatly complement the richness of taste and aroma. Also, it comes from coffee plantations in Colombia. 


  • It is 100% organic arabica. 
  • It is a mix of dark and light coffee beans. 
  • It is planted in Colombia and manufactured in New York. 
  • 2 different product choices available 

What did we like? 

  • Most-natural coffee beans for cold brew
  • Variety of taste 
Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee, 12 oz
  • HAIR BENDER BLEND: Our most popular blend has clarity & complexity; Indonesia’s rich textures are balanced by the classic flavors of Latin America & Africa. Tasting notes of citrus and dark chocolate
  • CHOOSE YOUR BREW: We expertly roast coffee beans for every taste, from light to dark roasts & single origin coffees to bold blends, bringing out the full potential of every bean
  • FRESHLY ROASTED WHOLE BEANS: Our innovative bags keep coffee fresh for 90 days if left unopened. Most bags will show both "roasted on" and "best by" dates. Enjoy all coffee within 2 weeks of opening
  • FOCUSED ON SUSTAINABILITY: Achieving B Corp status in 2018, we strive to be a leader in sustainability, making sincere and lasting contributions to the environment, our producers, and our community
  • STUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS: Nearly 20 years ago, we began roasting exemplary coffee. Headquartered in Portland, we're committed to sourcing, roasting, and serving some of the best coffee in the world

(5)Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean 

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean is the most versatile whole bean coffee on the list. You can use it for espresso, French press, mocha, or any type of coffee. It gives off excellent results for cold brew coffee. 

Also, it is atypically dark. This also makes it the best coffee beans for cold brew. Hair Bender Whole Bean coffee is a well-roasted coffee as Stumptown does not compromise on taste and fragrance. 


  • It can be used for any type of coffee
  • Beans are dark and organic 
  • Well-roasted to give off perfect taste 

What did we like? 

  • Best for a family where each member prefers a different kind of coffee
  • Dark and rich for balanced taste and aroma 


How does cold brew differ from hot brew? 

Cold-brew has lesser acidity. Bitterness is minimal. Also, cold brew is popular for being smoother and milder. If you are looking for a subtle coffee flavor, cold brew is the best option. 

Are coffee beans or pre-grounded coffee better for cold brew? 

Well, it really depends on your preferences. Coffee lovers who want rich taste and aroma, coffee beans are the better options. However, for those who do not have enough time to grind coffee beans every day, pre-grounded coffee is more convenient. 

Is dark roast, light roast, or medium roast preferable for cold brew? 

Again, it depends on what your taste buds like. Dark roast is preferable because it is affordable and gives off richer taste. If you want a lighter or medium blend, you can go for roast accordingly. Also, some coffee beans come as a combination of light and dark roast. 


If you love cold brews, it is best to go for specific coffee beans designed for cold brews. These come with lower acidity and have different blends for unique flavor and aroma. Get your hands on one of the best coffee beans for a cold brew from the above list. Keep your flavor preferences in mind, and you are good to go!

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