15 Ways To Reuse Coffee Powder

15 Ways To Reuse Coffee Powder

15 Ways On How To Reuse Coffee Powder

Many rely on the drink made with the plant that once was responsible for warming the Brazilian economy to wake up to the new day, but coffee has many other properties that most may not know.

After oil, coffee is the second most important commodity. From eliminating cheek to cosmetic cream, coffee goes beyond hot drink to the world economy. Brazil is responsible for 25% of the world’s grain production. We are also the second largest consumer of coffee in the world, so there is nothing more right than finding versatility for this product that is our face, is not it?

When you throw the used coffee powder in the trash, it decomposes and releases methane, just like any other organic matter would do. Methane is a toxic gas 20 times more potent than CO2. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent coffee from going straight to the landfill, using it to make beauty products, cleaning and even in the garden.

Here are the 15 Ways To Reuse Coffee Powder

1.Coffee powder can be used as fertilizer in plants that grow on acidic soils, like tomatoes and carrots.
2.Prevents cats from invading the garden by spreading grains through vases and flower beds.
3.Mixing powder with crushed avocado creates an invigorating face mask.
4.Rubbing the coffee in the hands after chopping onion and garlic removes the strong odor of the hands.
5.In addition, coffee is used to compost these foods.
6.The coffee powder can also be wiped on the skin to prevent and treat cellulite.
7.Leave a container with coffee powder and eliminate odors from the refrigerator.
8.Keep ants, slugs and snails away from the house, spreading a little dust in the doorway.
9.Put the powder in the water again, sift it and you can get natural brown paint to dye clothes and yarn.
10.Take fat from pots and pans in your kitchen.
11.Make a sache with used powder and put inside smelly shoes. The chulé will disappear.
12.Brazil is the second largest consumer of coffee in the world. If you have dark hair, you can massage coffee grounds on your scalp to prevent dandruff. Blondes and redheads, this is not for you, since the grains can lightly color their roots and stain the wires.
13.Whoever does vermicomposting can feed the worms with coffee grounds. Just be careful, since the grains are acidic. A lot of coffee is not good for the little worms.
14.The scrub also serves as an exfoliant for the skin.
15.To give an “aged” paper look for craft projects, soak the pages quickly in water, soak the beans in water overnight, then quickly soak the leaves in the mixture and allow them to dry before using.

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Some people say you can use coffee beans used for drinking, just mix half the measured amount of powder with the same amount of fresh powder and make another round of coffee.


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