Which Instant Coffee Has The Most Caffeine

Which Instant Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

Coffee is a popular beverage and most probably the most common source of caffeine. Its caffeine content can vary depending on several factors like the type, brewing method and the brand. Experts recommend between 110-260mg of caffeine per day for adults.

There’s no better way to start your morning right than an aromatic, single-origin coffee and sometimes you need a quick cup of coffee before heading out. One of the most preferred beverage to consider is an instant coffee.

Instant coffee is like a regular coffee that’s brewed in an industrial caffeinating kit to have more taste and flavor as possible. A typical 8-oz cup of regular instant coffee contains about 62mg of caffeine. It usually contains less caffeine than freshly brewed It is done out of controlling both the pressure applied to the coffee and the water temperature. Once it is brewed, the water has to be removed from the coffee, leaving behind the pure coffee extract. Here are some ways on how to extract the coffee.

  1. A centrifugal force is applied, leaving the dense coffee extract behind and removes all the water.
  2. Heat evaporated the water from coffee, leaving behind the coffee extract.
  3. The coffee is frozen and the water is extracted.
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But which instant coffee has the most caffeine?

Chain eateries and manufacturers provide estimates of the caffeine content in their instant coffee. According to Caffeine Informer, the caffeine content of a medium cu (14oz) of some coffee drinks offer at Dunkin’ Donuts is as follows:

  • Brewed coffee: 210mg
  • Decaf brewed coffee: 10mg
  • Americano: 249mg
  • Cold brew: 270mg
  • Latte: 119mg
  • Espresso: 85mg/single shot

In Seattle’s Best, a small cup of (12 oz) contains the following amount of caffeine:

  • Brewed coffee: 260mg
  • Latte: 75mg (classic and flavored varieties)
  • Mocha: 80mg
  • Espresso: 75mg/single shot

Starbucks as one of the famous coffee brands in the world also has their list of caffeine content of their instant coffee products. The caffeine content of a tall cup (12 oz) of some of its beverages is as follows:

  • Pike Place roast: 235mg
  • Decaf Pike Place roast: 20mg
  • Cold brew with cold foam: 155mg
  • Caramel macchiato: 75mg
  • Cappuccino: 75mg

The following are some of the instant coffee that has the most caffeine content.

1. Nescafe Espresso 100% Arabica

This is a quick shot or two of espresso. This is made from 100% Arabica beans, and instant espresso is balanced in flavor, smooth, and even has a nice layer of crema.

2. Starbucks via Ready Brew Coffee

It comes in a balanced and nutty flavor. It is made of soluble and 100% micro ground Arabica Coffee. This is Starbucks’ version of instant coffee but this isn’t freeze dried coffee but is very finely ground coffee beans. It has a caffeine content that ranges from 130mg to 140mg per packet. You can choose from its 7 different unsweetened varieties like the Iced Via that has sugar and has 2 servings per sachet for a total of 260-280mg of caffeine.

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3. Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

This is made from 100% premium and ethically-sourced beans and has been flash-frozen to preserve all the flavor from freshly brewed cup. It comes in high-quality, glass jars and blends well. This has a well-balanced flavor and can be a little too mild.

5. Medaglia D’Oro Instant Espresso Coffee

Aside from being a single-origin roast, this espresso is made from a blend and double-roasted to bring our even more flavor. This comes with a rich and bold flavor, thick crema o top and a well-balanced exceptionally smooth and blends well in other drinks.

6. Maxwell House French Vanilla

This is one of a series of flavored instant coffee with around 60 calories per serving and 40mg caffeine content per serving (per packet).

7. Nescafe Classico Dark Roast

Each jar makes around 100 cups making it economical without compromising the flavor. This has a caffeine content of 57-65mg per serving.

8. Douwe Egberts Oure Gold

 A Dutch-made coffee with superior flavor making it a little more expensive than other brands. This has an estimated caffeine content of 60mg per serving.

9. Folgers Classic Roast

This is a very popular brand of freeze-dried instant coffee because of its price point and ease of preparation with a caffeine content of 71mg per serving.

10. Jacobs Kronung House Blend

This instant in manufactured in Germany and is rich, mild flavor with less acidity. It has an estimated caffeine content of 60mg per serve.

11. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

It has a light and smooth flavor. It is made of instant coffee powder, Chaga Dual-Extract, Cordyceps Dual Extract. This coffee appears unusual because of mushroom. This unique blends contains extract of mushroom species along with Arabica coffee. but don’t worry you cannot taste the mushroom in the coffee because it is alkaline, making this coffee easier on the stomach.

13. Alpine Start Instant Coffee

This is made from 100% Arabica instant coffee from Colombia.  This was developed by outdoor adventurists as a way to get great tasting while out of the wilderness. This can be easily dissolved in both hot and cold water. It has a caffeine content of 120mg per 8 fl oz per serving.
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14. Jiva Instant Coffee

This is freeze-dried and dissolves quickly in hot water and could also come in various flavors. It has a caffeine content of 120mg per 8 fl oz serving.

On the other hand, consuming caffeine should be in moderation for health purposes as too much caffeine can cause adverse side effects like headaches, sleeping difficulties, and jitteriness. 


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