how to froth milk with espresso machine

How To Froth Milk With Espresso Machine?

How to froth milk with espresso machine?

Cappuccino and lattes are mixed espresso drinks with froth milk and steamed milk. All espresso machines includes a steam wand used for frothing and steaming milk. In cappuccino, the milk froth is micro foam, nearly twice the size of the original milk while in latte, the milk is steamed.

But what are the ways or techniques on how to froth milk with espresso machine? Above anything else, you need to have a stainless steel frothing pitcher to froth the milk. It comes in many sizes, you may choose in accordance of how much milk you are frothing. Keep in mind that you should not start with more than 1/3 full or less than in the pitcher because you will be having difficulty in frothing your milk. If you are making micro foam for cappuccino you must remember to fill the frothing pitcher with 1/3 of the milk, since it will double in volume during frothing process. You may need a quick-read thermometer as well to monitor the temperature of your milk to not get it too hot since it will affect the flavor.

So How to froth milk with espresso machine?

 how to froth milk with espresso machine

how to froth milk with espresso machine

Below are some easy steps to follow on how to froth milk with espresso machine.

  1. Open the steam wand to purge any water that had condensed in the tip, then close it.
  2. Place the tip of the steam wand into the milk with the tip at about ½ inch below the milk’s surface.
  3. Then open the steam valve all the way at first, and make sure to keep the tip of the wand closer to the milk’s surface because it needs to draw air in order to produce froth.
  4. In frothing process, you have to experiment and the good starting point is to try to keep the tip at about ½ inch below the milk’s surface. If you are into steaming, you can submerge the tip completely. If the tip is too far below the milk’s surface, it will not draw enough air to create froth so you have to make it sure that the tip is nearer to the surface of the milk to create larger bubbles. Keep in mind that as the froth rises, the surface of the milk falls so you have to adjust accordingly during frothing process.
  5. You may also swirl the pitcher in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion to create a “whirlpool” motion in the milk.

The milk should be frothed until it gets its volume doubled. Once the milk reached this volume, you can slowly move the tip of the wand down into the milk. Through this, the froth distributes and ensures an even temperature. You can turn off the steam and remove the tip from the milk when the temperature reaches over 150F.


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However, if the bubbles are larger than you are expecting, you can break it down into smaller bubbles through banging the frothing pitcher or by stirring the milk or gently swirling. When the milk has doubled in volume then, it is ready to use in cappuccino.

Again, remember these simple reminders on how to froth milk with espresso machine.

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. Press the steam button and turns the element in the boiler on to create steam.
  3. You are ready to go when the light turns off/on.
  4. Turn the steam wand open.
  5. Wait for a minute as the forth assistor will do all for you.
  6. Turn the seam wand off at the desired temperature (150-155F).
  7. Pull your shots of espresso into your preheated stylish cup.
  8. Spoon or pour the steamed and foamed milk onto your espresso shots.
  9. Enjoy!

Each machine is slightly different based on the feature milk. You can press the steam button and get the machine to create steam while preparing the cold fresh milk in a clean cold pitcher. You can start steaming when the light comes on or off. Blow out the steam wand to get rid of any moisture. Get the surface of the milk at the right edge of the hole. Leave it there as the milk rise in the pitcher and wait for big bubbles. Some machines heat the milk so quickly that you must shut the steam wand. Always give the milk pitcher a little knock after steaming the milk where it can break any bug bubbles that have formed during the process.

If you want to get the best result, it’s also important that you know how to control your machine. It may sound difficult but it’s all worth it. So, before placing the wand into the milk, turn on your steam to release condensation. Make sure to angle your steam wand and jug into the milk clock configuration. Instead of pouring your milk onto the espresso, you can scoop the foam out of the pitcher using a spoon. The milk will punch through the foam, lifting the foam and mixing with the coffee. You can easily spoon the foam out and pour the steamed milk.

It is very impressive when you know how to froth milk with espresso machine with the quality result it will give to you. You do not need to do this in your office but at home with your loved ones sharing a sip of hard labor frothed milk.



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