Coffee Makes Me Dizzy And Light-Headed

Coffee Makes Me Dizzy And Light-Headed

Blog Sometimes something you ate trigger to make you feel dizzy. Like eating certain foods that have been linked with migraines, which is a symptom of dizziness. These foods include:   alcohol chocolate pickled foods nuts Drinking caffeine-containing products such as coffee or energy drinks may also contribute to dizziness in some people. Caffeine is …

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Can Kids Drink Decaf Coffee?

Can kids drink decaf coffee?

Blog Decaf, short for decaffeinated, not caffeinated, no caffeine. Despite its name, in reality it has still caffeine. Yes, this is true. The amount, though, is quite small- a 7 ounce cup contains 3 milligrams. In a regular cup of coffee it contains 115 to 175 milligrams of caffeine, and many chocolate bars have about …

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