Waking up With a Fresh Espresso

Nothing Better than Waking up With a Fresh Espresso!

What’s the difference between a great morning and a terrible morning?

Simple! A great morning always includes fresh espresso!

Starting your day with that shot of smooth, rich goodness is one of the supreme pleasures of a life well lived.

Here are some of the reasons why a fresh espresso can make any morning better.

The Taste – Every lifetime has had more than enough bland, burned, and bitter coffee. To have consistently great mornings, you need to banish this from your life. Instead, enjoy espresso and feel your taste buds come alive!

Espresso has a much more rich, deep, and varied taste. You really experience the magic of the bean when it has been put through the pressure that makes espresso. The slightly thicker brew and the out-of-this-world crema on top is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Savor the flavor and start your day off right.

Less Caffeine Because of the method of making it, espresso generally has a much stronger taste than coffee. As a result, most people mistakenly believe that it has more caffeine. In fact, espresso has less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee. For many, limiting our daily consumption of caffeine to a certain level is a good idea. However, the lowered caffeine level is mostly just because a serving of espresso is smaller than the typical cup of coffee. For those who need an extra jolt to get through a tough day, you can always have more than one shot!

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Drink Possibilities – Many Americans start their day with a boring cup of joe and a pour of highly processed, overly sweet, so-called “creamer” featuring various flavors. Starting the day with espresso instead can elevate the experience to something you could have at a fine cafe or coffee shop.

The flavor of a great shot of espresso is wonderful on its own, and this is how many people prefer it. However, espresso is the base for dozens of great drinks from lattes to mochas to cappuccinos. Many people enjoy their espresso and espresso-based drinks hot, but espresso is also incredible over ice for those hot summer days.

Health Benefits – Not only does it taste incredible, but starting your day with some fresh espresso also has health benefits! When enjoyed on its own, espresso is a practically calorie-free beverage. This along with the added energy from its caffeine content can help aid weight loss or maintenance efforts.

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Espresso and its added energy can also improve your exercise performance, because it stimulates your central nervous system. This is great for weight loss, but also for elite athletes looking for some performance edge.

Perhaps most importantly, more and more evidence is stacking up that shows that drinking espresso every day can help prevent a range of diseases, from Diabetes to Parkinson’s and various cancers. Not only that, but drinking espresso has a marked impact on mood. So not only does the experience of the flavor make you feel happy, but you are actually less likely to experience depression as a result.

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Additionally, espresso is chock full of all kinds of anti-aging antioxidants. Feeling and looking younger as a result of that delicious shot of flavor and energy almost sounds too good to be true, but science backs it up!

In sum, there are too many reasons to start your day with a fresh espresso to even consider going without it. Flavor, various possible ways to enjoy it, and loads of health benefits make this drink pretty much the best thing ever.


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