Types of Coffee That Have The Most Caffeine Per Serving

Types of Coffee That Have The Most Caffeine Per Serving

The average coffee drinker, besides their daily coffee intake, probably still receives one or two stern looks every once in a while. It is known that both caffeine and decaffeinated coffee have bad press, the first one for being (allegedly) too unhealthy. The second one is looked down by coffee purists that don’t even consider it proper coffee. So, what is a regular coffee drinker to do?

From the get go, it’s important to understand that, with every piece of information available, there is a need to have a filter. One cannot believe everything that’s out there, at the risk of losing one’s mind. There are so many articles, “studies”, essays and whatnot supporting either one side of the argument or the other that there is a real need for a sensible middle ground.
Well, my friend, do not worry. I am here to let you know how to choose your coffee beans if caffeine intake is something that concerns you.

First off, it is good to know that the recommended daily limit of caffeine intake per serving is 300 milligrams. An 8-ounce cup of coffee often has 100 milligrams of caffeine, so is three cups a day the limit? If only it were that simple. There are a lot of things that modify the amount of caffeine, so that is the information with which you should concern yourself. I have compiled a little list of things that you should take into consideration when buying your coffee so you can make sure you know how much caffeine you are ingesting:

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Here Are The Types of Coffee That Have The Most Caffeine Per Serving

The roast: When checking different brands and types of coffee, I am sure the type of roast will be listed; light, medium or dark. The darker roasts have the bolder tastes, but also the smallest amount of caffeine. The longer the beans are roasted, the more caffeine gets burned off. Lighter roasts are not as strong but they contain more caffeine.

Type of bean: Most coffee houses take a lot of pride in the type of coffee they serve and they make a point in letting their customers know what bean they specialize in. The most popular are Robusta and Arabica. It has been reported that the Arabica bean has almost half the amount of caffeine the Robusta has, so if you want to reduce your caffeine intake, next time choose Arabica over Robusta.

Brewing process: The longer the time the beans are soaked, the more amount of caffeine you will end up with. If this is a concern, choose a cup of espresso over some coffee brewed in a traditional drip maker. The French press finds itself in a middle ground between these other two.

The Grind: Just like the brewing process can change the caffeine content of your coffee so to can the grind size. If you grind your beans a little too coarse for your chosen brewing method then less flavor and less caffeine will be extracted. Conversely a finer grind will put more caffeine in your cup. All the more reason to buy the best coffee grinder you can afford so that you can really dial in those grind size settings.

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Brand: Though brands do not often list the amount of caffeine their product packs, you can, more often than not, use pricing as a guide. The more expensive the brand, the more caffeine their coffee has.
I am sure that these little guidelines will help you educate yourself in the area of caffeine, so next time you are buying some coffee you will be able to understand what you are putting inside your body and make a choice based on that.

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