How long does brewed coffee stay fresh

How Long Does Brewed Coffee Stay Fresh

How long does brewed coffee stay fresh?

Coffee is one of the most widely drink beverages in the world. It is commonly drink to boost energy level and to keep awake. Just like other foodstuff, you want to consume it fresh and delicious, same goes with brewed coffee. But how long does brewed coffee stay fresh?

According to experts, after two hours, brewed coffee loses its optimum flavor and aroma due to oxidation. When there is too much contact with air, your brewed coffee will continue to oxidize and this oxidation process causes losing its flavor. So, when you’re brewing your coffee, make sure to properly store to it to remain its good quality.

If you don’t want your brewed coffee to go waste, there are ways to keep it fresh beyond the first two hours.

  1. Removing coffee from heat. It is important to remove your coffee pot from your stove. If you keep it on your burner or from heat source it will oxidize faster and will taste sour. 
  2. Keep it hot without extra heat. Since you remove your brewed coffee from heat, you can transfer it into an insulated thermos. Thermos is an airtight where it can preserve the heat and flavor without losing your coffee’s taste. Also, you can bring your thermos anywhere you go while enjoying your hot and delicious coffee. 
  3. Keep your brewed coffee in the fridge. You can make your own ice coffee. You can simply pour the coffee from the coffee pot and pop it in your fridge. Keeping your coffee cold helps preserve it flavor and aroma beyond the two-hour lifespan.
  4. Make coffee ice cubes. These coffee ice cubes could be added to cool down your hot coffee without losing its flavor and making it delicious caffeine-infused smoothies.  This is very easy to do, you will need an ice cube tray and cold coffee. Fill the ice cube ray with coffee and put it in the freezer. You may add cream and sugar or vanilla syrup. 
  5. Freezing the whole pot. If you are keeping a large pot of coffee, you can put it in all in the fridge. If you’re freezing the whole pot or more makes sure to use an airtight container so that it will stay fresh longer. 
  6. Accompany it with your food. You can use your brewed coffee in your cooking. It is a good combination with savory and meaty dishes. 

How long does brewed coffee stay fresh?

When it comes to shelf life of coffee, the answer depends on how long you will sit it or how you store it. Or it depends on your personal preference and other factors. When it comes to brewed coffee, experts would say that you should drink it after brewing. But many regular coffee drinkers usually reheat their coffee however, the taste won’t be as good as freshly brewed but if caffeine is what you are up to then it’s still good to go. 

There are certain flavorful compounds found in coffee mostly tasted by your nose. When grinding the beans, keep your ground coffee in an airtight container until it’s ready to brew. Once it’s brewed, pour it into a restaurant-style thermos carafe or pitcher. It will remain warm and still taste good as much as 24 hours. It is not recommended to drink it much beyond 24 hours if you want to have a great taste coffee. 

When you’re brewing your coffee in your office using a coffee maker, your last cup might sit for hours and could turn into disgusting beverage. So some people would recommend not to let it exceed for 2 hours as its taste will deteriorate. However, if you cool your brewed coffee, you can keep it in your fridge for a week without compromising its taste. You can also heat it up in your microwave if you want a hotter one. 

But to tell if your brewed coffee is already bad? 

Coffee beans are at their best quality for about 15 days after roasted and still flavorful for 30 days. After this, it starts losing its flavor and considered as stale. Its first 15 days upon roasting, you will find it incredible where you can have a smooth and delicious cup of coffee.

Well, it all boils down on the beans. If the beans smell rancid or having discoloration, there are already molds in it then disregard using that these beans. Other factors most likely caused by water getting into the container. But if the beans are completely fine you can grind and brew it yourself. 

If you find it blandly but drinkable, you can add more coffee for the flavor it lost. If you brewed a cup of coffee and it’s no good, or the coffee is stale, best no tot drink it at all. 

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