Can You Make Espresso With Regular Coffee Maker

Can You Make Espresso With Regular Coffee Maker

Can You Make Espresso With A Regular Coffee Maker?

If you’re buying an espresso machine, you might wonder whether it’s possible to replicate your favorite drinks with a regular coffee maker. But your regular coffee maker isn’t able to make espresso that is somewhat espresso-like. As you know, espresso coffee is brewed using finely ground coffee beans. The boiled water will force these beans to give out high-caffeine quantity espresso coffee. Most coffee lovers use espresso as their base for brewing other types of coffees like a latte, cappuccino, and more. But there are those who love to drink strong-caffeine-rich espresso. 

A true espresso can be made quickly by forcing hot water tightly packed grounds at a pressure of 9 or 130 pounds per square inch. While regular coffee infuses at normal air pressure. If you want to make a regular coffee espresso-like, you just have to briefly keep the infusion. First, pour in enough hot water to moisten the grounds. Remove the filter from your mug as soon as you have 2 ounces of drip coffee. It will be heavier than espresso and will provide an intense and bright-flavored base. 

Can you make espresso with regular coffee maker? 

Yes, you can still create an espresso-like beverage by using a regular home coffee maker that generates pressure. Your regular coffee maker has an Aeropress, a pressurized variation that produces a smooth, espresso-like coffee. 

If you have the right regular coffee maker, it is still very easy for you to make an espresso right in your home. There’s no need for you to spend a lot at your favorite coffee shop for the same espresso.

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Since it is a common practice to use a regular coffee maker at home to make espresso. Technology nowadays adopts as well because it allows regular coffee makers to make espresso. There are coffee makers that have an electric pump installed in them, forcing down boiling water through the finely ground coffee and easier to set the pump to the right pressure to get the perfect espresso taste. 

But what should you know before making espresso with a regular coffee maker?

  • You should invest in a good bean grinder if you want great and roast coffee beans. But if you cannot afford, you need to buy coffee beans that have been roasted recently. Because if you use beans that have been roasted long ago, it can spoil the taste of your coffee.
  • You should use filtered water only when brewing espresso coffee. If you want to get the right quality of an espresso coffee you should know the importance of the quality and temperature levels of the water. Unfiltered water contains minerals that can affect the taste and consistency of your coffee. Make sure also that the water you use is not in the boiling consistency. 
  • Your coffee bean has two colors-dark and light. You can use any of these two. If you want thick and bitter-tasting espresso, you can use the dark-colored beans. You should also ground your coffee well, it should be neither too coarse nor too fine. It takes around five to six times to know the right grinding consistency. If your coffee beans are too coarsely-ground, water filters easily through them. But if your beans are too finely ground, it brews forever giving you a very bitter taste. 
  • The water temperature of the water that you pour into the reservoir should be around 90 degrees Celcius so that it can extract properly. You need to only use filtered water into the reservoir. 
  • You should also pay attention to the quality of your coffee and the amount of water while brewing your espresso. If you’re preparing for a single shot of espresso, you need to use 7 grams of coffee. It needs around 30 pounds of pressure to get the perfect cup of authentic espresso. 

Can you make espresso with regular coffee maker?

There are three ways on how to make an espresso machine with a regular coffee maker.

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First is through Aeropress, it’s perfect for making a double shot of espresso or if you want a single shot, you can cut the amounts of water and coffee in half. You just need Aeropress, freshly roasted coffee beans, burr coffee grinder, tablespoon, and electric kettle.

When you have all these equipment as well as your beans you can make your own espresso already. 

  1. Heat up 1 cup of water with the ideal brewing temperature of 96 degrees Celsius. But with Aeropress, you can change with the water temperature between 85-96 degrees Celsius until you find your ideal temperature. 
  2. Grind your beans to a fine consistency until you have 2 tablespoons. Then, put a filter in the Aeropress drain cap and rinse it with hot water. 
  3. Put the drain cap on the Aeropress and place it directly into your mug. 
  4. Transfer your ground coffee to the Aeropress, tamp it, and make sure it puck is nice and tight. 
  5. Measure out ½ cup of the heated water and pour it into the Aeropress and give a quick stir. 
  6. After stirring, wait 30 seconds then plunge with the weight of your hand. Once the plunger is fully depressed, remove the press from your cup. 
  7. Transfer your freshly brewed espresso to your mug, and enjoy!

How to use your regular coffee maker in making espresso if you’re having fresh beans at home? Let’s find out other ways to make espresso with a regular coffee maker.

These are the needed ingredients:

Ground espresso beans

You can achieve your desired espresso if those are freshly ground. It would be better if you have a bean grinder or if you don’t have you can buy commercial ground coffee that is closest to the roasted date. 

Pure water

You have to make sure as well that you are using filtered water when brewing your espresso. The one that is not boiling and free of impurities. Why not boiling water? Because boiling water hampers the brewing process and its minerals alter the taste of your brewed espresso.

These are the simple steps to follow:

  1. If you already found your ideal coffee beans in making a shot of espresso, then you can start the process. Remember that there is no best coffee for making espresso as it all depends on your taste preference. 
  2. Then, you have to grind your beans. You don’t want to have big coarse crumbles of coffee beans as it will easily let water filter through them and the brew will not be too acidic. However, if your ground is too fine, the brew will take longer to process and your coffee will come out bitter.
  3. Now that your ground coffee is ready, you need to fill your water reservoir of your coffee maker with purified water. Make sure to keep your water at a temperature close to 90C or 200F as most extraction will happen at this temperature.
  4. Pour your ground coffee in tamper. You should know how much ground coffee you need to fill the tamper and how much pressure you should put. If you make one shot espresso, you should pour about 7 grams of ground coffee in the portafilter and apply pressure of around 30 pounds. 
  5. Once you have poured your ground coffee into the portafilter and have closed the lid, you can now start the brewing process and apply pressure on the beans. 


You can pull a perfect shot of espresso by using a regular coffee machine. Enjoy your coffee now and spread the good news if you can make your very own espresso with a regular coffee maker.


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