4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods

4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods

4 Best Coffee Brewing Methods

There are various coffee brewing methods either from the popular Espresso or French press method. Below are the 4 best coffee brewing method and their style.

First is the drip filtration style, it works through spraying hot water on the ground coffee that is within a conical shaped filter. This is the dive-bar of all brewing method. You will notice the movement of the hot water through the ground coffee. When the water reaches the bottom of the conical filter, it will drip into a container. Conical filter is considered as the most widely used while expensive stainless steel is also an option to use. When you are planning to buy paper filters make sure to use oxygen bleached paper because chemically treated paper can affect the taste of your coffee. There is also a possibility that the paper filter may have some flavorful coffee oil that are trapped by the filter paper. And it is the oil that makes a richer crema when making an espresso.

Grind is also a consideration with this method, drip filtration, because when the grind is too fine, you may clog the pores of your filter. But you can avoid this when you use a course grind. However, if you can’t drink the full pot of coffee do not ever reheat the remaining ones because it might lose the flavor of your coffee.

Another one among 4 best coffee method and the simplest is the French Press or Plunger. You can make great coffee through this easy and quick method where you can achieve a rich and dark brewed coffee. This method works by directly mixing your ground coffee with boiling water. The coffee flavor will be mixed with the water and when the plunger is depressed, separating the exhausted coffee grind form the brew. It has the same process with the drip filtration method but this method can extract more flavor form the coffee grind by extending the brewing time. However, make sure to be extra careful because manual infusion must be in the right timing. If you will let the brewing process longer you may end up with bitter coffee but on the contrary if you brew quickly you will achieve a weak coffee taste. It is way better if you will use a course grind if don’t want fine ground coffee escaping the metal filter and into the brew. This method helps preserve the antioxidants found in coffee beans such as chlorogenic acids which is the reason why coffee is found to have proactive effects against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Next method is the most popular one in making an Espresso using a machine. How does it work? A superhot, pressurized water is forced through fine ground, tightly packed coffee. This method ensures that the water stays in contact with the coffee grounds long enough to draw much of the coffee flavor. When the coffee starts to pour in your cup, the water finds a path through the coffee grind which is known as “shot being pulled”.

You can say that you are making a good espresso if it has a rich crema. Crema is described as the hazelnut foam that sits on the surface of the coffee. You can achieve cream through the pressurizing process and the oils of the coffee bean. As oils break down with time so as the crema will be produced.

On the other hand, if you can’t make the crema you may use a fine grind. Through a course grind, the water will “brush past” the grind and will reproduce a good coffee but it taste more of drip filter method than a true Espresso coffee.  

The last method on the 4 best coffee brewing methods is making an Espresso coffee using a Moka pot. This is an Italian style, which is also known as a stovetop coffee pot. Moka pot comes in different sizes from 2, 4 and 6 cups capacities. It has a water reservoir at the base, with a coffee basket in the middle and brewed coffee ends up in the top. Like any other method, this one is very easy. All you have to do is to place the pot on a stove top enough to heat the water. As it boils, the steam rises and the water starts to push upward through the coffee grounds. This process will continue up the central funnel and seeps into the top chamber. This process stops when you see the coffee stops moving into the top chamber. It could take a few minutes to brew or have this process depending on the cup size of the Moka pot.

We’ve covered the 4 best coffee brewing methods that are popular among coffee lovers which are the drip filtration, French press, Espresso using a machine and Espresso coffee using a Moka pot. But which one is your favorite? Do you have your own tried-and-true brewing techniques? Then go, make some great coffee and save the day!


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